My secret weapon for the long days

As I type this, Vivian has been up for hours from her nap that she barely took, dirty dishes from breakfast and lunch are piled up in the sink, clean laundry is pouring out of the dryer and another load has been dumped on my bed in anticipation of being folded at some point, and I still have about 15 emails to send before I start my next task of the day: dinner. Which reminds me, I forgot to take the pizza dough out of the freezer to defrost. Need to get on that.

My latest post is up on the Word of Mom Blog of I’d love it if you hop on over there to read about Our Secret Weapon for Getting Through a Long Day with Little Ones.

{It’s really my secret weapon. Ben just lovingly goes along with it. Because he’s awesome like that.}

Happy Weekend, everyone!

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