Sunshine Award

sunshine-awardWhen I got pregnant for the first time, I started blogging. I felt the need to document the exciting stuff we were going through for our friends and family who lived far away. Primarily, my parents who were living in Florida. I wanted them to be able to check our blog for updates on the pregnancy and all the pictures we’d take once the baby arrived and started growing up.

That was in January of 2008. I never imagined I’d keep going for six years. This year I had to transition from blogging about my kids to emailing them when they did cute things. This blog and my show blog were demanding all my time, and something had to give. Sadly, it was the family blog. I definitely miss it.

So many of my friends {and their siblings!} started blogging about their pregnancies and kids around the same time I did. It was such a fun way to keep in touch with each other when we were all spread out over the East coast {and Texas}. I’ve always admired my friend Erin’s blog for her beautifully honest writing about life and family, how she makes the ordinary extraordinary when it comes to her parenting style, and her adorable kids: Logan and Reagan.

Erin gave me a big boost of happiness a few weeks ago when she gave me a Sunshine Award. The rules are you answer the questions asked by the person who nominated you and then pay it forward by nominating more people because it feels good to be recognized by family and friends and people who read your blog even though you may not know it.

Erin said that her questions were my questions, so here goes:

1. Favorite vacation you’ve ever taken?

It’s a tie between the trip we took to Rhodes, Greece in 2004 with Erica and Greg and the trip we took this past June to the Riviera Maya with Tim and Andrea to celebrate our 10-yr anniversaries. The culture of Greece was amazing, and the relaxation of a high-end all-inclusive in Cancun made for two of the most perfect get-aways ever.

2. Winter or Summer?

Summer for the beach and pool days with the kiddos, but I do love winter for snuggling by the fireplace when it’s snowing.

3. Last book you read? Favorite book you read to your kids?

The Memoir Project: A Thoroughly Non-Standardized Text for Writing & Life by Marion Roach Smith. Favorite to read to the kids is That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown by Cressida Cowell. 

4. ipad or laptop?

Laptop for blogging and email. iPad mini for Instagram and Twitter.

5. Favorite breakfast food?

Sesame seed bagel, toasted, with lox and cream cheese. Big mug of hot coffee. Fresh squeezed OJ. This breakfast only happens on special occasions, but I’d eat it every weekend if I could.

6. If you could get a babysitter once a week, what would you do with 3 hours to yourself?

I would do bikram yoga at a local studio where I took a free trial class. Then I’d go to the library and would read to savor whatever minutes were left.  

7. Coffee or tea?

Coffee every morning. Tea in the afternoon or at night when I’m writing. 

8. What’s your favorite annual tradition?

Two: our long-weekend beach trip with my BF Molly and her family and Pre-Thanksgiving with my BF Kelly and her family and friends. I love spending quality time with our friends. It makes me happy.

9. Song that you’ve played more times than you can count?

BRAVE by Sara Bareilles. My kids look at me with the biggest smiles when they hear it come on the radio. They know I’m putting on a show about being brave, but that’s about all at this point since they’re so young. I hope when they’re a little older they’ll remember this time when their mommy found her brave and tried to inspire others to do the same.

10. What’s the one blog you always love to read and why?

Momastery. Glennon has this gift of storytelling, and she inspires me to write about the hard things. She has taught me to be vulnerable to help others through my writing, and for that I am especially grateful. 


My nominees are:

Cristi of Motherhood Unadorned – I’m so thankful we met online and then in person to do the Overnight together. Such an awesome experience and I felt honored to walk beside her. I love Cristi’s compassionate heart and am looking forward to the next time we get to hang out again. BlogHer ’14, maybe?!?

Rochelle & Greg of This Couple’s Palate – Rochelle is one of my bestest friends from growing up. She got married last year and began this adventure in cooking and blogging with her husband, Greg. I love seeing all their yummy creations and have attempted to recreate them. Attempted is the key word here. :)

Jess of Wrangled Chaos – Jess re-designed my blog, designed the logo for the show and designed the sleek layout for the show blog. She is a passionate self-taught designer and I love her drive and creative thinking. On top of that, she’s an amazing mom to four cute kids and I admire how she balances work and family.

I’m going to be fun like Erin and say if you’ve been nominated by me, my questions are your questions. ;) Answer them and nominate. Play along. It’s fun to spread sunshine!

The Rules 

1. Include the award logo in your post.
2. Link to the person who nominated you.
3. Answer ten questions about yourself.
4. Nominate 3 bloggers to receive the award.
5. Pose ten questions to your nominees.