Letters for Kitty

letters-for-kittyPhoto Credit: skipmoore via Compfight cc

I had a pen pal when I was thirteen. We lived in adjacent states; he in Maryland and I in Pennsylvania. We wrote love letters to each other and I remember the heady anticipation of running off the bus, heart beating as fast as the wings of a hummingbird, and straight to the mailbox to see if I had a new letter. Our dads went to college together and we’ve known each other our whole lives. He was my first crush and today he’s still one of my best friends in the world.

My mom still has the box of his letters I saved. A whole shoe box full.

Handwritten letters can touch a person’s heart the way an email or text could never begin to. Taking the time to choose pretty stationary, a swift pen, and the perfect stamp to send it on its way makes receiving a gift in the mailbox such special experience. I love seeing a friend’s personality come through in his or her handwriting.

Writing letters is an art. And we need to bring that art back in a big way.

I recently found out about The World Needs More Love Letters from a good friend of mine who knows what makes me tick. I squealed as I read her email it was so spot-on.

Grassroots projects like More Love Letters help restore my faith in humanity. When strangers come together to join a movement like this, when they stop what they’re doing in their busy, full lives to write a letter which will most certainly affect a stranger’s life in a positive way?

This is what it’s all about folks.

But listen. This isn’t about mushy, sticky-sweet, kissed-in-red-lipstick-topped-off-with-a-spritz-of-perfume note cards. These are love letters of a different sort.

These are love letters laced with the tales of how you stumbled and fell, how it hurt like hell, but how you picked yourself up and learned to put one foot in front of the other again. You may not realize the power of sharing your story with someone you don’t know, but I do.

And it’s such a good feeling. Because the person on the other side, reading your words, no longer feels so alone.

Think of it as sending a warm, fuzzy hug to someone who could really use one right now.


I’m hoping you’ll join me in waking up the lost art of letter writing. There is someone who I think could benefit from the expertise (or just plain old everyday encouragement) of my readers. Her name is Kitty.

Head over to More Love Letters and scroll down until you get to The Second Day of Letter Writing to read her story. Let’s send her some love. Tell her about how you’re managing. Tell her how some days are harder than others but that you keep going. Tell her how inspired you are by her dedication to her profession. Write your heart out. Your words will make a difference.

Just remember to get your letter in the mail by December 20th so that it’ll be included in Kitty’s bundle.


PS. My e-book is going to be published on Snippet tomorrow – Thursday {which may be today, depending on when you’re reading this.} I hope you’ll check it out and share it. Consider it my first {of more to come!} letter to the world, all about how I found the courage to accept my mental illness.

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