Why I love Stitch Fix

Why I love Stitch Fix bipolar mom life

It’s no surprise to my close friends that I’m in love with Stitch Fix. I’ve been using the service for the past few years on an occasional basis, although you can sign up for a monthly subscription if you want. It’s one way I cover self-care, since as a work-at-home-mom, sometimes I end up neglecting the importance of making time for myself. Stitch Fix has been a wonderful addition to my self-care routine and could be for you, too.

Stitch Fix makes shopping as easy as 1-2-3:

1 – Style Profile

You start by filling out a Style Profile which is what your personal stylist will use when choosing which items to include in your box. You can specify if you’d like only tops (like i did in this box) or a mix of tops, bottoms, dresses and/or accessories. You fill in your preferences on the type of fits you like, as well as your feelings on varieties of styles so that your stylist can get a sense of your likes and dislikes when it comes to fashion. You can even request certain colors if you want. The more detail you include in your Style Profile, the closer your stylist will be able to get to finding pieces you love.

2 – Pick a Date

Then you choose the date you’d like to receive your box. I tend to request a box when I have a big event coming up or a special trip. Part of the fun in choosing a date is the anticipation of the Fix arrival! I’ve even used a Fix as incentive to meet my fitness goals. You enter your payment info and when your stylist puts your Fix together and it ships out, you’re charged the $20 styling fee. (Shipping to you and any items you return to Stitch Fix is free.)

3 – Have fun trying on your Fix

After you receive your Fix, you have 3 days to try on your items with things you have at home. This is the fun part. I like to save my experience for once the kids are in bed, so that I can really enjoy mixing the pieces with items I already have in my closet.

Decide what you’ll keep and what you’ll return (if anything!). Stitch Fix sends you those neat cards I photographed above, so that fashion-challenged ladies like me can get an idea of how to dress up or dress down any piece. They also send you an inventory sheet, which lists each item with its price. They deduct the styling fee from whatever you purchase, plus, they give you 25% off if you decide to keep all 5 items!

Once you’ve made your decisions, you go to StitchFix.com to check out and pay for whatever you decide to keep. If you need to send anything back, they include a postage-paid envelope that you can stick in your mailbox for returning. So easy.

Stitch Fix Bipolar Mom Life

If any of your friends sign up for a Fix using your Referral Link, you earn a $25 credit towards your next Fix.

This time around I ended up keeping the entire Fix. My favorite piece is probably the coral tank with crochet detail at the bottom by May Pink. I had asked my stylist to include a cardigan in this Fix, and the white one she chose is so soft and is perfect to layer over these tops. I loved the colors she chose, and everything fit to a T. I know these are going to be my go-to summer pieces for the next few months.

If you’re like me and have little to no time to spend cruising the mall for new items to add to your wardrobe, you may want to give Stitch Fix a try. Careful though, it’s a teeny bit addicting. ;)

Stitch Fix makes shopping fun


By now you’ve probably heard about Stitch Fix, the styling service that sends five pieces picked just for you directly to your doorstep so that you can try them on with items from your own wardrobe. In case you haven’t, here’s a peek into my latest fix.

As silly as it may sound, I like the anticipation of waiting for my fix to arrive. I scheduled it so that I might be able to find something to wear for our cast welcome party for the DC cast of This Is My Brave. We have a fabulous photographer who is donating her time and talent to take headshots for our cast members, and I didn’t have anything in my closet that I thought would work well. Luckily, Stitch Fix came to the rescue.

Here’s what I got in this box:


I loved all the pieces on paper. It was a little odd to me that every piece had cobalt blue in it, but not a big deal. Starting at the top right corner with the Kamile Jersey Ruched Detail Dress by Gilli – I just didn’t feel as though it flattered my figure. The material was soft and stretchy, which I loved, but the thick tank straps weren’t making me feel good. Plus, I think the waistline for me needs to be a tad lower.

The Lydia Floral Print Key-Hole Blouse by Collective Concepts was my favorite piece I pulled out of the box, but when I put it on I just felt overwhelmed by the print. I thought it was a little too busy for my style, but if it would have been a little less pricey, I may have splurged on it to push my comfort zone. At $68.00, it was more than I wanted to spend on a top.

The Zaiden Printed Dress by Skies are Blue was cute out of the box, but was too roomy in the bust for me and overall just didn’t flatter my figure. I did like the cute detail at the hemline, but again the thick straps at the neckline aren’t my favorite.

The Alessandra Striped and Colorblocked Blouse was the piece I was least excited about when I opened the box, and my instinct was correct. The bold stripes didn’t work for me, plus it was too loose around the armpits. I probably would have fit into an XS in that top. But I wasn’t a fan of the layout of the shirt, so I passed.

The last piece was my absolute favorite and definitely a keeper. The Holston Crochet Trim Solid Blouse by Fun2Fun in cobalt blue is perfect for Sunday’s gathering and I have a feeling it will work nicely for headshots, too. The cap sleeve detail is absolutely beautiful and it also has a notch detail at the hip. I tried on my fix quickly, so I didn’t add accessories, but I do happen to have a perfect statement necklace to go with this top. It’s similar to the one my stylist showed the top with on the outfit cards with the cream skirt. I like how I can dress this top up or down. And the price tag couldn’t have been better: $38.00.

So four items are back in the postage-paid return envelope, ready to ship back to Stitch Fix. I checked out online and my $20 styling fee which I paid when I scheduled my fix was applied to my purchase and all I simply paid the remaining balance for the one perfect blouse I kept.

I’ve already decided that I NEED Stitch Fix. Why? Because otherwise my entire wardrobe consists of Old Navy workout clothes and college hoodies. :) I’ve scheduled my next fix for April and really hope that my stylist can hit a home run with all the feedback I gave her when I checked out.

If you’re ready to give Stitch Fix a try, please use my referral code to schedule your fix: https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/3024828 (each time someone orders their first fix, I earn a $25 credit)

Stitch Fix makes shopping fun again! Try it!