Why I love Stitch Fix

Why I love Stitch Fix bipolar mom life

It’s no surprise to my close friends that I’m in love with Stitch Fix. I’ve been using the service for the past few years on an occasional basis, although you can sign up for a monthly subscription if you want. It’s one way I cover self-care, since as a work-at-home-mom, sometimes I end up neglecting the importance of making time for myself. Stitch Fix has been a wonderful addition to my self-care routine and could be for you, too.

Stitch Fix makes shopping as easy as 1-2-3:

1 – Style Profile

You start by filling out a Style Profile which is what your personal stylist will use when choosing which items to include in your box. You can specify if you’d like only tops (like i did in this box) or a mix of tops, bottoms, dresses and/or accessories. You fill in your preferences on the type of fits you like, as well as your feelings on varieties of styles so that your stylist can get a sense of your likes and dislikes when it comes to fashion. You can even request certain colors if you want. The more detail you include in your Style Profile, the closer your stylist will be able to get to finding pieces you love.

2 – Pick a Date

Then you choose the date you’d like to receive your box. I tend to request a box when I have a big event coming up or a special trip. Part of the fun in choosing a date is the anticipation of the Fix arrival! I’ve even used a Fix as incentive to meet my fitness goals. You enter your payment info and when your stylist puts your Fix together and it ships out, you’re charged the $20 styling fee. (Shipping to you and any items you return to Stitch Fix is free.)

3 – Have fun trying on your Fix

After you receive your Fix, you have 3 days to try on your items with things you have at home. This is the fun part. I like to save my experience for once the kids are in bed, so that I can really enjoy mixing the pieces with items I already have in my closet.

Decide what you’ll keep and what you’ll return (if anything!). Stitch Fix sends you those neat cards I photographed above, so that fashion-challenged ladies like me can get an idea of how to dress up or dress down any piece. They also send you an inventory sheet, which lists each item with its price. They deduct the styling fee from whatever you purchase, plus, they give you 25% off if you decide to keep all 5 items!

Once you’ve made your decisions, you go to StitchFix.com to check out and pay for whatever you decide to keep. If you need to send anything back, they include a postage-paid envelope that you can stick in your mailbox for returning. So easy.

Stitch Fix Bipolar Mom Life

If any of your friends sign up for a Fix using your Referral Link, you earn a $25 credit towards your next Fix.

This time around I ended up keeping the entire Fix. My favorite piece is probably the coral tank with crochet detail at the bottom by May Pink. I had asked my stylist to include a cardigan in this Fix, and the white one she chose is so soft and is perfect to layer over these tops. I loved the colors she chose, and everything fit to a T. I know these are going to be my go-to summer pieces for the next few months.

If you’re like me and have little to no time to spend cruising the mall for new items to add to your wardrobe, you may want to give Stitch Fix a try. Careful though, it’s a teeny bit addicting. ;)


  1. I just came across this. I’m 40 and bipolar in a rare category. Alone, single mom with no choice but to have my own business however, I cannot afford child care. State assistance isn’t enough and days are a battle like a light switch that flips out of nowhere, believe motherhood, a mentally abusive relationship and the suicide of my best friend and my last living rock surely suffered from bipolar too. But my ex had me running into the ground in my head and I my hands shook me eyes lifeless and I wanted to die!
    Im Buddhist and prayed real hard and ex is gone but I cannot take meds due to the possible side effects worse than the condition. Bipolar runs on both sides of family but because its me who struggles no one really cares. I’m the issue of my whole entire family since birth. Never knew an 11 year old had that much power to be the cause everyone’s suffering.
    Anyway, I applied for ssdi disability and went through a QDD and filling out the medical paperwork sent me into a severe depression. And I snapped out of it yet, I go in and out.I can’t stand the smell of food yet I have to make my 2 year old is eating. She’s full of energy and life! There are days I fall asleep because I cannot keep my eyes open. This episode is the worst yet looking at last year’s events, I’m sure I have other issues interconnected.
    I’m pretty much penniless and can only work one day a week no one to help me and my child. Honestly, cannot fill out another application for anything. I’m going to therapy when I can and see my med doctor who put me on vyvanse for adhd, it helped yet only for 4 hours and then bipolar kicked in so I stopped taking without telling her. I forget things, my house irritates me so messy. I get spurts of energy and then I’m down. Every muscle hurts making my jewelry has become a chore. I love my baby girl. My mom talked about putting me in a hospital from the other side of the US.
    I don’t know about your bipolar but I had an aunt in the mental institution way back when after giving birth. My grandma was given shock treatments, how horrible! My aunt died in the institution. For me, locking me up or taking my child from me is like a loaded gun in my hand. I’m already in prison of the mind and no one wants to listen. I look ok on the outside and because I have a light of hope that apparently says there’s nothing wrong with me.
    I have Got to beat this because my child is going to need me, I know it.And I cannot leave her in my shoes. I have to beat this for my friend’s whose life is gone now. I have to beat this for life. To be a role model and maybe save a life or 2. I need to get the ground under my feet. Save my home for my little girl and turn my business around and find where it fits in to supporting bipolar disorder and awareness in where I fit most.
    I am a Nichiren SGI–Soka Gakkai Buddhist which looking back has been my saving grace. That I know and what holds me together for the last 15 years! And what gives me strength when I think I cannot go any further.
    So that’s part of my story and I’ve searching for answers and solutions to living through bipolar medication free.
    Any suggestions?
    Mahalos (thank you) in Hawaiian
    Tyler and little miss Charli

    • Dear Tyler, Thank you for sharing your story. You are doing the best you can with the resources you have, but you cannot do it alone. I know that medication-free works for some people, but it is not my approach to treating bipolar. I am committed to my medication plan and my treatment plan (managing my sleep, getting exercise every day and eating healthfully) so that I stay mentally healthy. It’s so wonderful that you are strong in your faith as I know for many, their faith provides a comfort like no other. I’d encourage you to look into a support group. Meeting other people who live with the same condition we do may help you to find new ways of dealing with your condition. I wish you all the best. Navigating life with bipolar is never easy. But overcoming it and learning to manage triggers, which comes with time, can be the key to living a full, successful life despite of the illness. Wishing you all the best ~ Jenn

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